I studied in Florence, Italy as part of my BFA from Stanford University. I speak Italian, have traveled there often, and enjoy sharing my enthusiasm for the Italian culture with others. I have taught art to students within school systems, in workshops, and in my studio. In addition to coursework at University of New Mexico and the Art Students League, NYC, I have studied and painted with: Harvey Dinnerstein, Tony Ryder, Carol Mothner, Gaela Erwin, John Michael Carter, Bill Fletcher, Albert Handell, Phil Starke, Greg Kreutz, and Milt Kobayshi. 

One of my main objectives as an artist is to interpret the emotion of my subject. I feel it is imperative to have a story, a reason behind every piece.  Art needs to move you emotionally, spiritually, or intellectually; without that interpretation from the artist it is merely reduced to replication.

I enjoy using the transformative quality of light as a means of expression.  Light can affect moods, create unusual patterns, and change a mundane setting into one that is amazing.

The integration of light and emotional expression provide the impetus behind most of my work.